For sea lovers

The forty-year-long passion and experience of the Carvignese family for nautical leisure have led to the creation of the IDEA MARINE shipyard.

The boats, with their sporty but hyper-comfortable design, capable of guaranteeing high performances and extreme comfort in open sea, are fruit of years of research and study that allowed IDEA MARINE to establish itself within the market of high quality boats below the 10 meters in length.

Strong, fast, comfortable: simply meant for sea lovers!

IDEA MARINE boats are becoming a real must-have for many dealers across Italy, Europe and some extra-European countries thanks to the production, the design and the finishes entirely made in Italy, which represent our pride in the Italian maritime sector.

ITALIAN Production

Our fleet

The boats that make up the IDEA MARINE fleet are the result of an extensive study to achieve the perfect combination of design, navigability, power and comfort to live unforgettable moments at sea.

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